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Taste of The West – River Farm Mangoes

This week on Taste of the West, Bill Brogmus owner of River Farm Mangoes joined Sue, Carmen and Michael.

Beautiful crispy & light fish batter with chilled slices of Kensington Pride Mango.

1 Cup Gluten Free Cornflour

1 Cup Gluten Free Self Raising Flour

1 tspn Gluten Free Baking Powder

2 desertspoons Rice Bran Oil

1 desertspoon White Vinegar

1 tspn Gluten Free Chicken Stock

½ tspn Tumeric

1 Egg

1 pinch Curry Powder

Salt & Pepper to taste

Extra Rice Bran Oil and Butter for cooking

Mix all ingredients together into thick paste with water.  Before battering the fish, mix the paste into a thinner mix with Soda Water. Dust fish with Gluten Free Self Raising Flour prior to dipping into batter mix.  Shallow fry fish in half Rice Bran Oil and half Butter until golden brown. Serve Battered fish with a side dish of chilled slices of Kensington Pride Mango.

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