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Subiaco Markets Saviour

The Subiaco Pavilion Markets have been left vacant and derelict for about a decade, but the site has been bought and the Subiaco council support a redevelopment.

Developer Paul Blackburne has bought the site and says it’s an ideal property for retail, restaurants and housing, but it’s been left neglected and brought the City of Subiaco down.

“It’s certainly an iconic site and I think that’s it’s a really pity that this eyesore of a site has really damaged the Subiaco economy,” Mr Blackburne told 6PR Breakfast.
“We really think we can do something exciting there,” he added.

Subiaco Councillor Murray Rowe heard the converstation on 6PR Breakfast and called in to offer his support on behalf of the City of Subiaco.
“I just wanted to wish Paul all the best, he’s spot on when he says it’s been holding the City back,” Cr Rowe said.

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