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Schools, Kids and Shooting in the USA

Kirk Clyatt joins Tony Mac to talk about the big and not so big stories out of the USA. These include, a great Tweet from the White House Bureau Chief for the Washington Post, who he is referring to here is Rachel Maddow from MSNBC.

As well as

  • A teacher with a gun in his classroom, he accidently fires it and three students are injured.
  • The reviews were generally good for the National School Walkout, but the Governor of South Carolina had a different opinion … he called the walkout ‘shameful’.
  • A new character now on the scene in the Trump/Stormy saga
  • Of course Trump spent his first day as president in California last week where he and Gov. Brown, never meet, but insulted each other
  • There are kids, which were born in the USA making them USA citizens, but to mothers who were undocumented, so you have an interesting circumstance of kids crossing the border every day to go to school in the USA, but their parents are not allowed to come in the country and must stay in Mexico. This happens with hundreds of kids every school day in New Mexico.
  • And It’s seems that Megastar Katy Perry kissed a boy on American Idol … and he DIDN’T like it?

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