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Remembering the Meckering Earthquake

50 years ago Meckering and its surrounds were rocked by an earthquake that left the town in a state of destruction.

Those shaky 40 seconds changed the town completely and this weekend they comemorate the event and celebrate their rebuild.

“40 seconds 50 years ago that still impacts us today because of the devastation that happened and of course the focus did shift away from Meckering. In its time, it had its own cool drink factory; there was heaps there that’s no longer there,” Councillor Doug Kelly told Steve and Baz.

The 6PR Breakfast listeners shared their memories of the moment including Julie who was in Fremantle and had to help her mum put the kitchenette back up against the wall, Rene was in the theatre when it happened and rushed out with the crowd.

You can find out more about the weekend’s events here.

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