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Possible life time border ban

In this US Report Kirk Clyatt looks at:


* Monday is the one year anniversary of the massacre here in Las Vegas … and yes ‘Bump Stocks’ are still legal in the USA!


* Of course THE STORY remains Kavanaugh …


Some interesting ‘art’ to come out of this week, MILLIONS have now viewed an amazing Pulp Fiction – Kavanaugh mash-up


And in a bizarre coincidence the night of these off wall hearings, especially with Kavanaugh claiming that all of his troubles were because of revenge of the Clintons … Hillary Clinton makes a surprise guest appearance on the reboot of Murphy Brown.


* The Securities and Exchange Commision is coming after Elon Musk … causing TESLA stock to crash, but it’s worth almost 10 BILLION more than Ford.


* The FBI is now investigation the ‘vice squad’ that arrested Stormy Daniels back in July.


* Marijuana will be legal nationwide in Canada on October 17th … but according to a USA official Canadian marijuana users, workers and investors risk a lifetime border ban … excluded from going into the USA …

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