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Politics, Fires and Trump


In this US Report Kirk Clyatt looks at:


* The voting is over, but NOT all of the results are not in … of course Trump is claiming fraud, who couldn’t have seen that one coming.


* Lots of new Members of Congress including Lucy McBath from Georgia who became politically after her son was murdered.


* The youngest women ever elected to Congress has a problem … not enough money to get a DC apartment, she doesn’t start to get her congressional salary until January.


* Democrats are picking up at least 35 seats in the House … they needed 23 to take control … what was the one issue that put them over the top?


* Of course was NOT all good news for the Democrats as Beto O’Rourke who raised 70 MILLION in his campaign to unset Ted Cruz narrowly lost in Texas.


* Another mass shooting, as one mother grieves her son, who survived the shooting her in Las Vegas, but was killed at his local country bar (Borderline Bar and Grill) … then Fox News does what she asks people NOT to do!


* The SAME community where the shooting happened is now dealing with a massive fire … so far at least nine have been killed in California fires and the famous beachside town of Malibu has been evacuated.


* Trump battle with reporters continues and it seems especially bad with women of colour … we can also mention the White House pulling the press pass of a reporter charging assault with doctored video.

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