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Navigating passive-aggressive neighbours with Anna musson

A Scottish tenant has given her passive-aggressive, note leaving neighbours the Twitter treatment and it seems she’s having the last laugh.

24 year-old Keli Thomson found an anonymous note from a neighbour demanding she remove the rubbish from outside her house – which was caused by an emergency refit her bathroom required after the floor sank.

Rather than losing her cool, Thomson replied in good spirit and humour before promptly uploading the, now escalating, written exchange to twitter.

It has since been liked and retweeted thousands of times.

Yet, when it comes to the advice “love thy neighbour”, it seems the 24 year-old Scot if failing! So who’s in the wrong and how best should you deal with this situation?

Chris enlisted the help of etiquette expert Anna Musson from The Good Manners Company, to solve this dilemma.

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