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More than just a headache

New research released by Nurofen and Headache Australia shows a significant misunderstanding between those who do and do not have migraine, and the complex ways the condition manifests differently in people.

This invisible condition can have debilitating effects on sufferers including nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity and dizziness.

CEO of Headache Australia Trevor Thompson told Oly Peterson a migraine is like having the worst hangover of your life minus the party.

“Migraine affects people in the prime of their career and there’s a stigma.

“You can see a broken arm, you can’t see a migraine.”

The most common triggers include:

  • Stress, sleep deprivation and neck pain or stiffness were common triggers of reported migraine across all genders
  • Hormones or menstrual cycles influenced 31% of reported female migraine sufferers
  • Dehydration and staring at a screen for too long were also contributing factors

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