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Man saves houses from Bunnings blaze

A local man has jumped to the rescue of nearby houses when the Bunnings store in Inglewood went up in flames around 9pm on Monday night.

Zoran was out for dinner in Inglewood about 50m away from Bunnings when he heard people yelling out, “Fire”.
“I ended up running towards the fire, I went down some alley ways, jumped about five fences to get to some people yelling out for help. Ended up grabbing hoses and me and another guy were holding the fire back on the residential side,” Zoran.

Simone lives about 500m away from the store and said she heard the fire engine sirens last night so she went to have a look at the building chaos.
Simone returned to the scene this morning and said the building was “sagging”.

6PR reporter Jake Battrick spoke to firefighters this morning who said they are worried about a concrete wall that is up against some units. “I can see sets of roofs where this wall would smash into. The damage bill for the Bunnings is already up into the millions,” Battrick relayed to Steve and Baz.

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