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Maddington man wins the Lotto six times. Lotterywest reveals his syndicate secret.

Lucky seven might be the world’s favourite number but for one Maddington local the number six has taken pride of place after it was revealed he collected his sixth Division 1 Lotto win in just five years. The man – aged in his 50s – has now shared in over half a million dollars in prize money and says the secret is in syndicates.

Did you know… You can start a syndicate with your work colleagues, friends, family or even your neighbours!

1. Pick your team & cost per person. You’ll need at least five participants and minimum total spend of $25.

2. If you’re unsure what to play, simply tell your retailer how much you have to spend and they can advise on the best option with the most chances to win!

3. Let your retailer know how many people are in your team and they will provide you with Syndicate share tickets for you to hand out to each person.

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