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Let’s Talk Business – Monday May 27

One week has passed since the Coalition pulled off a shock election victory, so how has the business community reacted?

Property markets responded positively, as did the banks, but what effect will the looming interest rate cut have on confidence?

Australia is mad about coffee, it’s an $8 billion industry. More than a third of Aussie coffee drinkers admit to knocking back 5 or more cups a day!

Coffee pods have exploded in popularity thanks to the bang for the buck. A pod creates a coffee almost as good as your local barista but at a fraction of the price.

Husband and wife duo Trent Knox and Julie Tink founded St Remio coffee, their pods are available at Coles and are compatible with several leading machines.

Additionally, at the centre of the business is a core belief in sustainability and giving back to the ladies of Rwanda who dedicate their lives to growing the beans us Australians have become obsessed with.

On Workwise we explore why working from home is the dream job for countless Australians.

There’s no more busy commute, your daily schedule provides untold freedom flexibility, and you work in your pyjamas – if that’s your thing!

Conversely, your home is filled with distractions. There are endless piles of washing, children running wild, and don’t forget the latest series in your Netflix queue.

There’s a lot of upside to working from home and getting it right can change your life.

So how can you make working from home work for you?

Lanna Hill is a business coach; she brings her tips, tricks and insights on how to become a productive worker from the comfort of your living room.

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