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Let’s Talk Business – Monday, December 2

The work Christmas party is coming up for most businesses, and it can be a fun event to let off some steam at the end of the year.

But it’s a tough line to walk as a boss, particularly in small business – you may work closely with your staff, you may think of them as your friends.

So how do you keep it professional with alcohol and a party atmosphere?

Human behaviour expert, Amy Jacobson, is here to tell us how to keep our filter up around staff while still having a good time at this year’s Christmas do.

And, China is one of our biggest regional trading partners, and changing global conditions have opened up some intriguing possibilities for Australian businesses in that country.

But it can be intimidating to take on new dealings at a great distance, and in a business culture that can seem very different.

Leonie McKeon is a Chinese negotiation expert, and she’s here to help navigate the Chinese business world.

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