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John Hughes – “I knew in my gut”

He’s owned one of Perth’s most well known businesses for more than half a century. Perth businessman John Hughes joined The Weekend Catch-Up where he gave listeners an insight into the story behind his success.

“I used to wake up in the mornings with a knot in my gut,” said Mr Hughes. “Then one day I saw advertised a service station site at 196 Albany Highway Vic Park. I made them an offer, I knew they couldn’t accept it. But they rang me in the morning and said ‘it was yours’.

“The minute I’d absolutely, totally overwhelmed myself with debt, that knot in my gut went away.

“That was my body telling me – John you’re not destined to work for other people.”

At “84 and a half years old”, Mr Hughes said he has no plans to stop working any time soon. You’ll still find him in the yard selling cars.

“It’s my passion.

“I love getting out there and mingling with people. I like to put a smile on the face of my customers.”

Photo Credit – 9News

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