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How racism develops

The issue of racism has reared its ugly head in the past couple of weeks after the death of American man George Floyd

He died after a police officer pressed a knee on his neck, sparking the protests around the world, including in Australia.

Racism is a form of bias. One expert says that bias has gotten out of hand.

Bias and diversity expert Bronwyn Williams joined The Weekend Catch-Up where she told Mark Gibson bias starts in childhood.

“It develops very early in life,” said Ms Williams

“Each of us, regardless of the culture that we’re born into, get taught things by our culture whether that’s initially by our family of origin and then by our wider culture.

“Every culture has its own little nuances. We pick up things from what people say and other people’s attitudes and we learn these things as a child before we have the cognitive awareness to make decisions about what we’re hearing and learning.”


Photo: Nine News

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