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Funding wait for brain tumour operation

Trevor Cochrane’s 10-year-old son was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, young Harry was prepped for surgery on Monday but the operation was postponed.

The family has been told an operation cannot be rescheduled until June 26 because the Government only funds a surgeon one in every 10 days, and the next appointment is booked.

The well-known Perth gardening guru told 6PR Breakfast “one of the risks that we had at that moment in time was that if it [the pressure of the brain stem cells] continued to build it would push down on the brain stem and he could stop breathing.”

After the interview, Health Minister Roger Cook made a statement to 6PR: “I’m sorry to hear about the distressing situation this family finds themselves in. I will be holding discussions with the hospital executive today to ensure this case is made a priority”

Princess Margaret Hospital Executive Director, Michelle Dillon, says: “I spoke to Trevor last night and PMH will do all it can to make sure the surgery is performed as soon as possible.”

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