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Cider braised pork belly, pickled cucumber & plum crumb with Matt Leahy

What is plum crumb? Delicious that’s what.

Find out on Perth Tonight as chef Matt Leahy from Yellow Diamond Catering makes us all hungry talking amazing food.


Cider braised pork belly, pickled cucumber & plum crumb

1.5kg pork belly
1Lrg carrot large dice
1 onion large diced
200g celery large dice
3 cloves garlic
3 bay leaves
2 sprigs fresh tyme
500ml cider
1.5ltr chicken stock
1 cucumber
200ml vinegar
200g sugar
1 tsp salt
Store bought freeze dried plum


Heat oven to 200C. In an oven dish mix all the ingredients except for the pork. Bring to the boil. Add
the pork belly and submerge under the liquid. Cover with grease proof paper and then tightly seal
with aluminium foil. Place in the oven and braise for 4hrs. Check to see if the meat is tender.
Remove from oven and let cool in the cooking liquor. Remove pork from the stock and place on a
grease proof lined baking tray, place another sheet of grease proof on top of the pork belly and
weigh down with another baking tray on top using heavy items, like canned goods. Set in the

For the pickled cucumber, heat the vinegar, sugar and salt in a pot till boiled. Shave the cucumber
with a vegetable peeler into the pickle juice. Leave for a day in the refrigerator.
Slice the pork belly into 3cm by 3cm squares. Sear the skin side down in a hot frying pan till crisp
and finish heating in an oven, remove and place some pickled cucumber on top, crush some freeze
dried plum over the top.

Eat and Enjoy!

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