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Bolts of Danger(field) for AFLX teams

With the AFLX tournament just around the corner, Friday 22nd February at Marvel Stadium, the four team captains consisting of Patrick Dangerfield (Bolts), Jack Riewoldt (Rampage), Nat Fyfe (Flyers) & Eddie Betts (Deadly) are gearing up their squads for the fast paced unique version of Australian rules football.

The game will be played on a rectangular field 110m long (similar to that of a soccer field) & four teams will compete in a round-robin format, with the Grand Final to be held between the top two teams.

Bolts captain Patrick Dangerfield believes he has recruited the best possible players for his squad going forward with the likes of Luke Hodge (vice-captain), Tom Hawkins, Andrew Gaff, Steele Sidebottom & Robbie Gray to name a few.

The rules of the game differ significantly from that of a normal AFL game.

  • Games consist of two 10 minute halves with a 2 minute break at half-time
  • Seven players on the field per team, with three players on the bench & no limit to rotations
  • The ball is kicked in from full-back after all scores
  • Last touch out-of-bounds rule (team that had last touch loses possession)
  • 10 point super goals are registered for goals kicked from outside the 40m arc
  • No marks paid for backwards kicks (except for kicks/marks inside the forward 40m arc)
  • Free shot from inside the 40m arc to the opposite team in the event of a rushed behind

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