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“Artificial intelligence will be the best or worst thing we’ve ever done”

Fortescue Metals Group founder Andrew Forrest is calling for discussion on what rules and regulations should be put in place to control artificial intelligence – to ensure people are put first.

Mr Forrest is raising concerns about the impact of AI technology on jobs in the future.

He says while FMG has adopted automation – workers who stood to lose their jobs were re-trained and redeployed within the company.

He says without proper regulations – downsides and risks won’t be considered.

“Right now everyone thinks AI and they think upside and I’m saying ‘no wait’,” he told Gareth Parker.

“There is a huge downside risk with AI if you don’t think it through.

“What I’m saying to governments and people all over Australia is ‘let’s just think this through’. Let’s just make sure AI looks after, firstly people, secondly economies.”

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