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A Hunger Strike To Raise Awareness About Nutrition In Day Cares

Mother and head of Healthy Australia, Ruby O’Rourke has begun a hunger strike today to raise awareness about the lack of nutrition in the food served to children in day care centres.

Ms O’Rourke says that an alarming number of Australia’s 1.4 million children in child care services are at risk of growing up over their healthy weight because their nutritional needs are not being met.

Karl O’Callaghan spoke to her plan to go without food for 46 days – 1 second for every child aged between 0 and

“If the Government continues to fail children’s nutritional requirements by not feeding children properly, then I am not going to feed myself properly,” Ms O’Rourke said.

In WA, child care centres are required to provide 50-67% of the recommended dietary intake of nutrients.



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