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Perth Tonight Spotlight: Ric Charlesworth

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He has excelled on and off the sports ground, and now Ric Charlesworth has reflected on his remarkable career to date.

Speaking to 6PR’s Chris Ilsley, Charlesworth pressed the need to support professional athletes and prepare them for a life after sport.

‘I coached the national hockey team and we had doctors, engineers, teachers a whole range of people in that team, even now,’ he said.

‘They want to have another string to their bow and I think it’s important that it’s possible. I think a lot of the AFL clubs understand that too, but you don’t necessarily follow that path way.

‘I think one of the problems for the full time professional sportsman is lots of time, lots of money… that tends to be a formula for lots of trouble also.

‘As much as possible we should be encouraging the more rounded person who can do a range of other things. You never know where your life is going to go – I expected to practice medicine for 50 years, as it was I only did it for 10.’

Listen to the full interview below:

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