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“Parents feed their children and not themselves” – consequences of slashing JobSeeker

Oliver Peterson - 6pr

Nearly 90 per cent of people in Perth support permanently keeping JobSeeker at the current rate according to research from Anglicare WA.

Recipients currently receive around $408 a week but this will decrease to $308 in December and then drop further to around $280 in March next year when the coronavirus supplement ends. The poverty line is $457 a week for a single person.

Anglicare WA CEO Mark Glasson told Oliver Peterson the increased amount has benefited the West Australian economy.

“It’s poured a lot of money into local economies and just by doing that it’s kept people employed.

“When the Government withdrew the $300 from the supplement in September, they also pulled almost $73 million a fortnight out of local economies right across Western Australia.”

Mr Glasson adds the consequences of a $40 per week payment are “significant.”

“You’re well below the poverty line,” he said.

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