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Millsy grills Baz over candidacy

Now that Basil Zempilas has officially announced he is running for Perth lord mayor, his 6PR Breakfast co-host gave him one chance to speak about his candidacy.

Steve Mills grilled Baz on some of the commitments he already has in his life and if he does have the time to take this on.

“I think that was probably the case for yourself; to have to look at your obiligations to your family and obviously your work, because you’re a pretty busy bloke,” Millsy questioned.

“More than six hours everyday that I can devote to it, in the office,” he answered.
“Let alone what I can bring to it by being on the radio or on the TV, evening functions and weekend work. And if it’s a bad thing for the Lord Mayor of the city of Perth to be accessible, available and on air, well, I’ve misread the situation.”

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