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Man dodges traffic to ‘moon’ cars stopped at traffic lights.

From the very beginning of this article I realise that there will be some out there who will watch this video and yell ‘legend’.

Others, the majority I hope, will shake their heads in disbelief at what they see.

The video was shot last month on Gnangara Road at the intersection of Beechboro road North. A notoriously dangerous intersection for car accidents.

A man exits a Mercedes van and runs toward the front of the trafficcued at the lights. His sudden appearance on the road causes a car using the left hand slip road to brake and ride the shoulder of the road.

An event the enthusiastic fellow is blissfully unaware of, luckily.

Reaching his desired target he climbs aboard a truck carrying heavy machinery and proceeds to celebrate his achievement with a dance.

NB: The author would like to go on record as saying it would appear climbing is the only way this guy could raise his IQ.

Once again oblivious to the changing road conditions, as the lights turn green the young Einstein decides to drop his trousers and give the traffic a prolonged view of his very own celestial body. More commonly known as chucking a full moon.

The man returns to his car (probably to continue his journey to perform brain surgey or repair a rocket) unscathed.

Fortunately this is the end of the story but only because fate, on this occasion, has favoured a fool.

(Oh and yes it’s ok to have a chuckle especially when you realise how lucky the man is but I will go on record as calling this bloke a tool!)