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Katsambanis defends voicemail message

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The election in Hillarys turned into an ugly fight between Liberal endorsed candidate Peter Katsambanis and former Liberal member turned Independent Rob Johnson.
On Saturday night Mr Katsambanis claimed the seat of Hillarys for the Liberal party, later that night and in the early hours of Sunday morning he left a voicemail on Mr Johnson’s phone.
Mr Johnson has accused Mr Katsambanis of being drunk, however the newly elected MP told Steve and Baz he’d been given a beer by his team and ‘probably had about half of it and put it down and started working and forgot about it’.
He said ‘the motivation for that phone call was that Rob Johnson didn’t have the good grace to ring and concede that he had been defeated’.
The voicemail Peter Katsambanis left on Rob Johnson’s phone: 
Peter Katsambanis talking to 6PR Breakfast on Monday