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Is it really milk? Or “crushed nuts”

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A dairy advocacy group is calling on the Australian Government to protect terms such as ‘milk’, ‘butter’ and ‘whey’.

Dairy Connect welcomed last week’s decision by the European Parliament to further protect dairy terms. Europe is now looking at banning terms such as “yogurt-style” or “cheese-style” for non-dairy imitation replacements.

CEO Shaughn Morgan told Oliver Peterson they want to see the same in Australia with legislated truth in labelling on plant-based drinks being sold as milk.

“It’s more important that when customer in a supermarket goes and looks at milk and it’s spelled M-I-L-K, then they know that milk is coming from a cow,” said Mr Morgan.

He added labelling reform will also help dairy security in Australia and prevent the “importing of fresh, nutritious milk from other countries.”

“We need to support a viable dairy industry in this country.

“Truth in labelling is one sure way to start that road to recovery.”

Another concern of the advocacy group is consumers may see the word “milk” on non-dairy drinks and confuse the nutritional value.

“People have this illusion they are getting something as nutritious as fresh cows milk.

“And that’s not the case.”

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