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Is this bad parenting?

A video of a father supervising his young son while he performs a burnout has attracted widespread condemnation from driving and parenting groups. Melton father Sam Surace, who has been labelled ‘hoon dad has’ defended his action by saying he teaching his sons better car control.

The Transport Accident Commission says it’s extremely disappointing that children are being taught how to hoon at the age of seven and 12.

A Melton father and self-proclaimed car enthusiast claims it’s good parenting to teach his children how to perform burn outs and skids before they get their licence.

He has even posted footage of his sons driving on YouTube.

But the TAC’s Janet Dore says the young boys wouldn’t have the experience or maturity to resolve a potentially life-threatening situation.

‘Younger people don’t have the right skills physically or developmentally to really get control of a vehicle,’ she says.

Police have also condemned the father.