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Fixed cameras save lives but experts say they are a waste of time.

Article image for Fixed cameras save lives but experts say they are a waste of time.

WA roads are set to see an increase in fixed and red light cameras over the next 5 years but experts have criticised the increase.

The state governments announced last week that the number of fixed and red light cameras will be increased in an attempt to tackle the WA roll toll.

Fixed speed cameras will grow from five to 30 and red-light cameras will rise from 30 to 90 over the next five years.

Although the increase attention on the states road toll has been welcomed by road safety experts the type of camera investment has been criticised.

Max Cameron from the Monash University Accident Research Centre says the Barnett government is investing in the wrong types of cameras.

Mr Cameron told Gary Adshead that the money should be spent on mobile units which have a greater impact on driver behaviour.

Former Road Safety Minister in the Barnett Government, Rob Johnson, has labelled the announcement as ‘bulldust and spin’

Mr Johnson rang the Morning saying that his push to increase multanova and mobile speed cameras, based on Mr Camerons research, was blocked by the Premier 3 years ago.