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Esperance is much more than “shark infested waters”

Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley spent the day in Esperance, speaking to community leaders about Friday’s fatal shark attack at the Kelp Beds surf break.

52-year-old Andrew Sharpe was taken by what his surfing companions described as a four-metre shark. The search for Mr Sharpe called off on Sunday.

In response, the State Government will ask the Commonwealth for more funding for shark science. Mr Tinley has ruled out the use of baited drumlines.

Shire of Esperance President Ian Mickel told Oliver Peterson many businesses fear the damage these attacks do to the town’s reputation.

“There’s plenty of safe places to swim and recreate in Esperance,” said Mr Mickel

“It’s not all shark infested.”

Mr Mickel said the community want to see action taken to reduce the chance of more attacks.

“We are hoping to have the Premier down in the next month to six weeks to see if we can get a commitment from this government to change some of the things happening down here.”

The Shire believes aerial patrols and shark nets are “essential” for this summer.

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