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Energy Matters powered by Synergy

Understanding & Managing Your Power Bill

Kelley Yeats from Synergy joined Weekend Breakfast, to talk listeners through the impact hot weather can have on electricity bills and what to do if your bill seems higher than normal.

Business Savings

Synergy Marketing Manager Kelley Yeats joined Weekend Breakfast to run through some of the easy, money-saving changes businesses can make to improve their office efficiency.


Synergy Xmas Lights Trail

Kelley Yeats from Synergy joins Weekend Breakfast to tell you all about the Synergy Xmas Lights Trial and to give some energy-saving tips for decorating your home.
Tune in to get that festive feeling or visit to find WA’s best Christmas lights.

Electricity Vampires
Vampire power, is a silent energy sucker, Kelley Yeats from Synergy explains that devices on standby are like a leaky tap and which devices are the biggest culprits.

Solar Power

Are you keen to understand how you can get the most out of solar power, or if it’s right for your family?

Carmen and Michael were joined by Synergy’s Allen Gerber who discussed how listeners can get the most out of their solar investment.

If you’d like to learn more, listen to the podcast as they talk Energy Matters, powered by Synergy.

Your Family’s Energy Bill

Are you keen to understand how your family could save on your energy bill?

Tune into Energy Matters Powered By Synergy for a podcast which discusses a tool that shows listeners how different appliances could influence their energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency for your Business

Ever wondered how your business could be more energy efficient?

Hear from independent Energy auditor; Alan Benn who recently provided dozens of WA businesses with a free energy audit as part of the Synergy Community Solar Fund. Find the common energy mistakes WA businesses make, plus some of his top tips on how they can save!

Battery Storage

“Battery storage” is a hot topic when it comes to energy savings in the home… but how does it all work?

Carmen and Michael are joined by John Madgen who has recently documented his experience after installing a solar and battery system in his home. Find out what he’s learnt and how he’s been able to save!

If you’d like to learn more, listen to the podcast as they talk Energy Matters, powered by Synergy.

Energy Efficient Homes

Are you keen to understand how you could design a more energy efficient home?

Carmen and Michael were joined by Synergy’s Aidon Thomas who discussed passive solar design principles that can help reduce your energy consumption!

If you’d like to learn more, listen to the podcast as they talk Energy Matters, powered by Synergy.

What is peer-to-peer trading?

In our new episode of Energy Matters, powered by Synergy we talk peer-to-peer trading.

Krystal Skinner from Synergy discusses what it is, the advantages and how you can make money from it!

Listen to the podcast to learn more about peer-to-peer trading.

What you need to know if you’re considering solar

With the number of companies offering solar installation packages of all shapes and sizes, it’s difficult to know what’s right for you…

Craig O’Sullivan from Synergy joined Weekend Breakfast for Energy Matters to help work through the solar maze!

Tune in if you’re considering getting solar panels installed to have some of your questions answered.