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Election Debate

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The Morning Show with Gareth Parker will feature a weekly debate between the Labor Party’s Alannah MacTiernan and the Liberal Party’s Joe Francis, in the lead up to the WA State Election.

They’ll be taking your calls on the issues which YOU believe are important in this election campaign.

Debate #8 was explosive, as both sides tried to snare your vote:

Debate #7 focused on the Roe 8 issue and the proposed sale of Western Power:


Debate #6 touched on the issues of GST and getting personal on the election campaign:

Debate #5 saw the discussion focus on the Liberal Party’s preference deal with One Nation:

Debate #4 focused on Labor’s Metronet promises and the parties’ plans to address WA’s meth problem:

Debate #3 focused on the parties’ education promises, and the ongoing Roe 8 issue:


Debate #2 discussion focused on Roe 8 and One Nation: