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Western Derby, not just a WA game: Eddie McGuire

Collingwood President Eddie McGuire will be heading to Perth this weekend to commentate the Western Derby for Fox Footy, 6PR listeners had a mixed reaction to the news but McGuire told us, he’s excited about the trip West.

6PR’s Rumour File revealed the news on Tuesday that McGuire will be part of the TV commentary team alongside 6PR’s very own Adam Papalia, on Wednesday the rumour was confirmed with a headline on The West Australian’s front page.

Eddie McGuire himself joined 6PR Breakfast to explain why he’s making the trip to WA this weekend and to say it’s not just a WA game.

“It is a West Australian game between two great clubs, but it is also one of the biggest sporting events on, in the country, and when you look at the attendance, it’ll be one of the biggest attended games in the world this weekend,” McGuire tells Steve and Baz.

He added he’s been working with the AFL clubs and the State Government to get more interstate footy fans to Perth.

“One of the things I’ve been working closely with the West Coast Eagles and speaking to Fremantle and particularly the West Australian government, is bringing people from Victoria every week to that magnificent new stadium that’s over there,” McGuire says.

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