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Drugs, Doof and Dills Stereosonic festival marred by violence

About 120 revellers were arrested for drug offences during a sniffer dog operation at the Stereosonic festival at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Ecstasy, methamphetamines, cocaine and cannabis were among the drugs seized at the music – or ‘doof’ – festival.

Six people have been charged, nine were cautioned and 102 of those caught received drug diversions.

55-year-old ‘Mark’ told Ross and John he was offered drugs.

"He pulled out these little red pills and said ‘Hey mate, you want some?’, and I said ‘No’," he told.

"If the police think they actually did well, I’m sorry guys but I was in the crowd and so many people were trying to sell pills, powders – it was unbelievable."

Ross: "It sounds like we need to get the sniffer a ticket; we need the dogs inside."

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