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Does WA have a secret rocket base or UFOs buzzing aircraft? Experts puzzled by official pilot reports.

Aviation experts and Ufologists are puzzled by what the object was that forced a Perth bound flight to take evasive measures last year to avoid a potential collision. 

On the 19th of March 2014 a Skippers Aviation flight was forced to change it’s approach to Perth airport because the crew noticed a "bright strobe light" directly in front of the aircraft. 

The De Havilland DHC-8 aircraft was about 25 kilometres north-east of Perth at an altitude of around four thousand feet when the object passed within 20 meters of the flight according to an incident report lodged with the Australian Transport Safety Authority.

The pilot’s testimony in the ATSA report described the object as "cylindrical in shape and grey in colour" 

UFO researcher Paul Dean told 6PR that while this object is definitely terrestrial in origin it begs further investigation especially when it was the second time a Skippers flight had reported an incident like this.

Speaking with Chris Ilsley, Mr Dean told said another Skippers flight reported an identical incident in nearly the same location at approximately the same time on the 4th January, 2013. 

"Someone is launching stuff, possibly missile like, from the ground. And whether it’s being deliberately done at planes or not we don’t know. But it tells us there is something not quite right"

Mr Dean said military sources have ruled out the possibility of a drone or or missile test from known military sites like Pearce Air Base. An assertion that is backed by the ATSA’s report from the 2014 incident.