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Disharmony at Fremantle?

Brad Hardie has hinted there is disharmony at the Dockers on the back of their 0-5 start to 2016. 

Karl Langdon read out an SMS in which a listener said they felt Nat Fyfe was selfish. 

Brad responded with: ‘There are some rankles down there. I’m hearing noises … if I’m hearing noises in Melbourne I’m sure you’re hearing noises over there in Perth.’

Karl Langdon said: ‘No leaky boat over here yet, Brad.’

It comes after Brad Hardie revealed he believed a mistake was made in the Fremantle captaincy vote.

Brad said he believed Fyfe was ahead in the vote when one player stood up and said he thought there was a mistake. 

The recount led to David Mundy being appointed as the Fremantle captain for 2016. 


Listen to Brad from February 15.