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Dark day as Bali 9 duo transferred to execution island

Article image for Dark day as Bali 9 duo transferred to execution island

Foreign Minster Julie Bishop says she feels devastated at reports the Bali 9 ringleaders are preparing to leave their Bali jail for execution after nine years on death row. 

Bali 9 Lawyer Peter Morrissey talks to John Stanley & Garry Linnell claiming there are still legal avenues ahead to stop the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Australia’s Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are on their way to the prison island where they’re scheduled to be executed.

A vehicle believed to be carrying Australia’s Bali Nine ringleaders has left Kerobokan prison en route to the island where they’re scheduled to be executed.

Two fortified police vehicles left the prison at 5.18am local time, with the second believed to be carrying Chan and Sukumaran.

They’re expected to go directly to Bali’s airport where military aircraft will fly the pair to Cilacap, the departure point for Nusakambangan – the central Java island Indonesia has reserved for the executions.

More than 100 police, a water cannon and armoured military vehicle are stationed outside Kerobokan jail in Bali as authorities prepare for the transfer.

Chan’s older brother Michael was turned away from the prison and left with Chan’s Indonesian girlfriend, who was in tears.

Speaking before the pair were moved, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said while he and all Australians are revolted by the imminent executions, he still hasn’t given up hope they can be spared.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says she feels devastated, telling Macquarie Radio Network the two men have been in jail for more than 10 years, they’ve paid for their crime and are still paying … and that’s as it should be.

But she says she doesn’t believe they should pay with their lives, and she’s indicated there’ll be fallout if Indonesian authorities push ahead with the executions.


The convicted must be notified 72 hours before execution

While waiting, they must be held in a special prison

If the convicted wants to say something, the statement or the message must be received by the prosecutor

If the convicted is pregnant, the execution will take place 40 days after the child is born

Their lawyer can attend the execution

The execution is not performed in public and conducted in the most modest possible way unless determined otherwise by the president

The head of local police forms the shooting team, consisting of one non-commissioned officer and 12 privates, under the command of an officer

The convicted can be accompanied by a spiritual counsellor

They must dress modestly and orderly

The commander will blindfold them with a piece of fabric, unless asked not to

They can stand, sit or kneel

If necessary their hands or feet will be tied to a pole

There will be between five and 10 metres between the convicted and the shooting team

In previous executions, the shooting team has comprised 12 men with rifles – three of them with live rounds – who aim at targets over the convicted’s heart

Using a sword for the signal, the commander will order "ready" by swinging his sword up, ordering the team to aim at the convict’s heart

By swinging his sword down quickly, he orders "shoot"

If the convicted isn’t yet dead, the non-commissioned officer is ordered to shoot his pistol in his/her head, above the ear

A doctor will confirm the death and a report will be prepared on the execution

The body is handed to family or friends for burial, or to the state, with attention paid to religious beliefs.