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Cupcakes cause divide at Ellenbrook primary school

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An Ellenbrook school has banned parents from supplying birthday cakes for their kids saying they are mindful of cultural diversity.

Kirsten brought cookies into the school on Monday for her son’s birthday only to be told at the end of the day that they could not give out the treats until the parents of the classmates had given permission.

“There wasn’t anything mentioned at the time about the religion side of things, so when that popped up the next day, I was fairly annoyed,” Kirsten told 6PR Breakfast.

The Principal of Arbor Grove Primary School, Glen Purdy, says it’s safety first for the student but culture does play a part.

“We do have a diverse culture of clientele and some of our families do not have animal by products in their food offerings,” Mr Purdy told 6PR Breakfast.

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