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Clive Palmer says Glen Lazurus was a washed up athlete before he gave him a chance in politics

Clive Palmer has described Glen Lazarus as washed up before he gave him a chance in politics following the senators decision to resign from the Palmer United Party.

Senator Glenn Lazarus quit the Palmer United Party after his wife and chief of staff was fired according to a press release from  the party’s national director Peter Burke.

Mr Burke made the claim in response to Senator Lazarus’ shock resignation from the party, which leaves leader Clive Palmer with just one vote in the Senate via the reclusive West Australian senator Dio Wang.  

Talking to 6PR on Friday Mr Palmer said he is disappointed for the people of Queensland because of the way Mr Lazarus announced his resignation.

"Glen goes on Sydney radio to make the announcement but won’t on Queensland radio to explain to the people who voted for him why he made the decision." he said 

"Glen was washed up and looking for something to do" He told Gary Adshead on the Morning program.