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Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

Recipe by Chef Dale Sniffen


Preparation time:    Fruit marinating 12 hours

Baking time:           2.5 /  hour @ 140c slow oven

Tin prep                 20cm lined with glad bake

Ripened ready         3 to 10 weeks



Prep list the day before baking

Combine all and soak fruit over night

350gm raisins                   60gm glacé apricots

350gm sultana’s                60gm glacé pineapple

120gm mixed peel            3 tbsp brandy

120gm glace cherries        3 tbsp sherry


Christmas cake base


250gm butter

250gm brown sugar          1 teaspoon mixed spice

Zest of 1 lemon                1-teaspoon cinnamon

1 tbsp golden syrup           ¼ teaspoon salt

2 tbsp marmalade             100gm toasted almonds

5 eggs / 55gm

300gm plain flour sifted     3 tbsp brandy to brush over the cake


Extra almonds for garish

  • Beat butter, sugar and zest until creamy.
  • Add golden syrup, marmalade and beat well
  • Beat in eggs 1 at a time. Add 1 tbsp flour after the last egg
  • Stir in flour, mixed spice, cinnamon and salt and beat well
  • Stir in fruit and almonds. Garnish top with almonds & cherries
  • Pour into lined baking tin
  • Straight after baking brush cake with brandy.
  • Allow cooling before wrapping in glad wrap.


Recipe thanks to Chef Dale –