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China “not worthy” of Winter Olympics

There’s a global push to take the 2022 Winter Olympics away from China.

A global coalition of MPs is pushing for the IOC to take the drastic action amid heightened concern over the country’s human rights record.

If the Winter Olympics do go ahead in Beijing, a worldwide alliance between human rights groups and politicians will force a boycott of the Games.

Liberal Senator and member of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China Eric Abetz spoke to Oliver Peterson where he drew comparisons between China and Nazi Germany.

“China has proven itself to be willfully acting against the very fundamentals of human rights that most of the world accept,” said Senator Abetz

“History tells us that in 1936…Hitler used those Olympics to gain credibility around the world and especially within its own population saying ‘look – the rest of the world loves us.’

“We know that’s the sort of propaganda that the Chinese Communist Party engages in, as do all dictatorships.”

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