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Can spicy food prevent early death?

Could a few extra shakes of turmeric or a chopped chilli be the key to a longer, healthier life?

New research has suggested that could be the case after scientists found those who ate spicy food regularly had a lower chance of early death.

It’s been suggested that it is because certain spices are rich in phytochemicals which prevent blood clotting, reduce inflammation and improve circulation – factors which in turn can help prevent stroke, heart attack and complications of diabetes.

But what if you can’t stand the sensation?

‘What’s really interesting with chilli is that it doesn’t actually burn us, it’s an illusion. You can eat all the chilli you want and you’ll think it’s burning your mouth, but it doesn’t actually burn us,’ naturopath Katherine Maslen said.

‘It stimulates receptors in your body and it’s really interesting because capsaicin, the spicy part in chilli, can actually also inhibit pain receptors in the body in the same action.’

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