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Beat The Bowser on 6PR, thanks to Kalamunda Toyota

Five times each weekday we give you the chance to play ‘Beat the Bowser, thanks to Kalamunda Toyota, satisfaction at Perth’s Highest Level.

Be the nominated caller through when you hear the cue to call, and you’ll get your chance to ‘Beat the Bowser’.  When the bowser starts pumping cash amounts, you’ll need to say STOP, before it stops working, to take home the money.  There’s thousands of dollars already won !

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6PR / Kalamunda Toyota, Beat the Bowser Competition Terms and Conditions

Effective from Monday 8th June to Friday 26th June, 2015

‘Beat The Bowser’ competition runs weekdays only from Monday 8th June to Friday 26th June, 2015

The competition runs up to five times each weekday.

To win cash, the contestant must say STOP while the bowser is pumping cash.  If this occurs, the contestant will win the cash amount last heard before they said STOP.

If the bowser stops working, the contestant does not win any money.

6PR will arrange a direct bank deposit or issue a cheque for the amount made payable all winners.

To be eligible to enter the Promotion, entrants must:

Be the nominated caller on the 882 6PR competition line (922 11 882) when prompted by the cue-to-call.
Be eligible as per 882 6PR’s General Competition Entry Rules. ( Available online at )