Barnett fails to deliver

The Barnett government’s delivery of pre-election commitments has been given a fail mark from analysts with only 8 of 22 projects promised underway. Gary Adshead spoke to political analyst Martin Drum from the University of Notre Dame about the issue.


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The government has released a day by day election commitment chart that details the day, date, promise and state of that promise.

Read that government analysis here for yourself.




Free public transport for carers

  • A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will provide free travel on any Transperth bus, train or ferry during off-peak periods for carers 

FULFILLED (took effect May 2013)



Improved safety for rockfishers

  • A Liberal Government if re-elected would provide $300,000 over three years to provide enhanced safety measures for rock fishers at popular locations along the WA coast 

ON TRACK ($300,000 over two years allocated in the 2013-2014 State Budget, measures being rolled out in consultation with local communities) 



Electronic school zone lights

  • A Liberal-led Government, if re-elected, will install electronic flashing speed signs at every 40kmh school zone across the State to improve the safety of Western Australian children at a cost of $36m over four years.  

ON TRACK ($36 million allocated to 2016-2017, rollout progressing)



Toughest penalties for violent home invasions

  • Liberal Government will introduce tough new mandatory minimum jail terms for any adult offender who commits serious physical or sexual assault during burglary; will also close three strikes burglary loophole

FULFILLED (Legislation introduced)



Announcement of new State CCTV Network

  • $13.5million for more CCTV cameras, establishment of a State CCTV Strategic Plan and centralised access meaning more cameras in more places

PENDING ($1.5m allocated for planning to date)


Palliative care

  • Increased funding by $20m over 4 years for palliative care

ON TRACK (Funding committed in 2013-14, 2014-15 Budgets through to 2016-17)



New liquor service laws

  • A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will give people the ability to purchase alcohol without a meal at restaurants

FULFILLED (new regulations effective July 1, 2013)


Edgewater train station multi-storey car park

  • $47m for multi-storey car park at Edgewater train station to encourage more use of affordable, public transport and help to reduce congestion on our roads

ON TRACK (Committed $46.5 million in 2013-2014 State Budget over three years for development and construction)

Tourism boost

  • $24m in additional tourism marketing over four years

ADJUSTED ($13m allocated from 2013-14 to 2016-17)



Announcement of China Town Revitalisation

  • $2million to revitalise Chinatown and laneways in Northbridge

FULFILLED (Funding allocated in 2013-14 Budget. New entry statement completed, stage 2 to follow)



Airport Rail

  • If re-elected, will build the $1.9b Forrestfield-Airport rail link transporting domestic and international passengers to Perth Airport’s front door by 2018

ADJUSTED ($683m committed over 4 years; delivery timeframe pushed back to 2020)



MAX Light rail

  • If re-elected, will build the $1.8billion MAX Light Rail project by 2018

ADJUSTED (timeline for delivery adjusted to 2022; construction to start 2019)


River funding

  • $16.25m funding package for Swan and Canning Rivers

ADJUSTED ($3.5m over four years from 2013-14)


Funding for Hartfield Park sporting complex, Forrestfield

  • $6million makeover for Hartfield Sporting Complex with a new skate park, three new hockey fields, new soccer grounds, lighting and water harvesting

FULFILLED (Allocated $6.01 million over three years from 2013-2014. A Financial Assistance Agreement has been progressed with the Shire)


Funding announcement for undercover basketball facility at Mundaring Rec Centre

  • $3million for covered basketball courts in Mundaring

FULFILLED (Allocated $3 million from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016 for Mundaring Basketball Courts)



Announcement of Midland University

  • $22million and State Government land provided to help Curtin University establish Midland campus, including medical school

PENDING (Govt’s commitment reaffirmed last month; funding will be allocated as part of regular Budget processes once agreement has been reached with the Federal Government on the medical school)


WED 13 FEB (Bunbury)

Parks for People

  • Parks for People: $20m for more low-cost holiday options in national parks and reserves
  • Western Australian Parks Authority (WAPA) and Department of Environment Regulation (DER) to be created

FULFILLED ($40.7m from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program allocated in 2013-14 Budget for tourism and the environment, including $21m to improve camping and visitor facilities in WA’s national parks)

  • New $15m science/conservation headquarters to be built at Bunbury, including $3m for scientific/conservatory efforts at Leschenault Inlet

PENDING ($250,000 allocated in 2014-15 Budget for further planning/site evaluation)


Police Incentives

  • If re-elected, will provide $10.5m of incentives to attract police officers in hard-to-fill regional locations
  • Will introduce mandatory blood testing for offenders who bite/spit at police

FULFILLED ($10.5m over four years allocated in 2013-14 Budget for incentives via R4R; mandatory blood testing legislation introduced May 2014)


Coalfields Highway announcement

  • Another $28million for more upgrades to Coalfields Highway

ON TRACK ($27.5m allocation over four years in 2014-15 State Budget; environmental approvals progressing)



Additional parking at Osborne Park Hospital

  • Osborne Park Hospital to get up to 500 new car bays

ON TRACK ($3.5m allocated to deliver 500 bays)



Police Numbers

  • A Liberal Government will recruit a total of 720 police officers over the next four years if re-elected (720 officers will include 550 additional officers as well as the 170 officers the Government will recruit by 2013-14)

ON TRACK ($215m allocated in 2013-2014 Budget for additional 400 police and 150 police auxiliary officers; also covers the recruitment of remaining 170 officers from the 2008 commitment)

  • Accompanying $67m capital works upgrades to accommodate additional police- including $12.5m for Ballajura police station

ON TRACK ($67m Budget allocation over four years; Ballajura PS on track to start construction 2015/16)


Treendale Bridge

  • $18m for bridge over the Collie River to link Treendale and Eaton by 2016

ADJUSTED (construction to start 2016; delivery end 2017; funding committed under Safer Roads and Bridges program)



Greater protection for WA fire fighters

  • $12.3m for extra protective equipment in 667 firefighting vehicles that operate in high risk bushfire areas

ON TRACK ($12.3 million in 2013-2014 State Budget over four years; upgrades being rolled out)




  • Hoon vehicles can be confiscated for a first offence on roads in built up areas if the offence affects other people or damages property
  • Additional resourcing for police and new covert CCTV cameras to catch hoons

ON TRACK (Legislation being drafted; expected to be introduced in second-half 2014; $170,000 allocated in 2014-15 Budget for CCTVs)



Rapid Justice

  • streamlining criminal justice system and freeing up police to focus on the frontline through funding for night/Sunday courts and regional videolinks

ADJUSTED (funding allocated to operate Sunday court, regional video links; night courts not proceeding after consultation with judiciary)


Child Health Nurses

  • Additional 155 school nurses for WA schools

ON TRACK ($38m allocated in 2013-14 Budget to employ 110.6 metro FTE and 44.9 FTE by 2016-17)




  • Liberals to invest an additional $30 million over four years in health and medical research

ADJUSTED ($12m allocated in 2013-14 Budget; remainder allocated from within Health Budget)



Crime hotspots

  • $7.7million crime hotspots package to deliver greater police presence and rapid response
  • Additional police patrols and extra mobile police facilities in crime hotspots

PENDING (no Budget allocation)


Passing lanes- Gt Eastern Hwy

  • $48m for 15 passing lanes between Southern Cross and Kal-Boulder 

ON TRACK ($26m allocated to date; to be completed in conjunction with Walgoolan to Coolgardie upgrade and widening program- total $67.1m allocation)



More funding for ScreenWest

  • A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will commit $2million to ScreenWest to establish a new Production Attraction Program

FULFILLED ($2m allocated over four years from 2014-15)



Seniors Package

  • Liberals’ $200 CoLA to be extended to people in group living arrangements
  • Indexation of Country Age Pension Fuel Card


  • Launch of $5.3million Grandcarers Support Scheme

ADJUSTED (funding allocation revised; scheme will cover all eligible grandcarers)

  • Extension of Seniors Safety and Security rebate

ADJUSTED (funding allocation revised, rebate focused on personal safety devices)


Women’s refuges

  • A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will build two new refuges in Perth to house women

and their children escaping domestic violence

ON TRACK ($3.5m capital and operating funding allocated for first refuge in 2013-14 Budget; awaiting decision on second site)



Nurses Pay

  • A re-elected Liberal Government will give nurses a 14 per cent pay rise over three years



More funding for PCYCs

-A re-elected Liberal Government  will provide $10million in infrastructure funding to PCYC and

30 police officers to work with young offenders/at-risk youth

FULFILLED ($10m allocated over two years in 2014-15 Budget)



Science Package

  • Once in a generation investment opportunity includes $15million for Scitech’s new home, $428million new museum and continuing support of SKA

ON TRACK ($5m in 2013-14, plus $225m over four years allocated in 2014-15 Budget to deliver new museum by 2020; Govt remains committed to new Scitech location, with Budget allocation subject to site selection and agreement by both parties)



  • $40million in funding to boost biosecurity and research and development

ON TRACK (2x $20m committed as part of $300m R4R allocation over four years from 2013-14)



Perth to Darwin Hwy (NorthLink WA)

  • Funding to start construction of new highway to redirect trucks away from the Swan Valley

ON TRACK ($32m allocated in 2013-14 + $641.6m over four years from 2014-15 – including Fed funding)


Payroll tax relief

  • Increase threshold to $800,000 in 2014-15; $850,000 by 2016-17

FULFILLED (funding allocation in 2013-14 Budget)



More road safety measures

  • A re-elected Liberal Government will spend $22.6million over four years to build nine new passing lanes on Albany Highway to improve road safety on the Great Southern’s major thoroughfare

ON TRACK (full allocation in 2014-15 Budget over 3 years)

  • $12m to upgrade Great  Eastern Hwy, Mundaring

ON TRACK (funding committed in 2014-15 Budget)


Joondalup Arena

  • Liberals announce $20million multi-sport expansion of Joondalup Arena ($11million for new basketball centre, $8million for new West Perth football club, $600,000 for new netball courts and $400,000 for new rugby field

ON TRACK (full allocation committed in 2013-2014 Budget over four years) 



Residential reforms

  • Revised Residential Design Codes to allow non-residents to occupy granny flats and increase allowable floor space

FULFILLED (adopted in August 2013)



Emergency rescue helicopter

  • Funding for new rescue helicopter to service the communities of the South-West and the Great Southern

ON TRACK ($15.3m in capital and recurrent funding allocated in 2013-14 Budget for delivery in 2015-16)


SAT 2 MAR (Collie)

Bike Paths

  • Complete Principal Shared Path Bicycle Network

ON TRACK ($47.1m allocated for principal shared paths, plus local government grants over 4 years)



KidsCulture Package

  • A Liberal Government will introduce a new $3.4million KidsCulture program to engage Western Australian children in need to a range of dance, arts, music and theatre activities, starting with trials Albany and Stirling.

ON TRACK ($140,000 allocated for pilot programs in Albany and Stirling; further funding to be allocated once trials complete)


Community Gardens

  • Liberals commit $400,000 over four years to establish more community gardens

FULFILLED (full allocation in 2013-14 Budget)


ACROD Permits

  • Govt to support >67,000 West Australians with a disability through free ACROD permits

FULFILLED (allocated in 2013-14 Budget)


Underground Power

  • $30m over four years to continue undergrounding power lines

ON TRACK ($10m/yr through to 2017-18; stage 6 being rolled out)



Graffiti Policy

  • A re-elected Liberal Government will ensure adult and juvenile offenders will have to clean up graffiti they cause

PENDING (Legislation anticipated to be introduced in the second half of the year; funding to be allocated as part of Budget processes once legislation passed)


Health for the regions

  • Full-time health professional for Fitzroy Crossing

ON TRACK (funding allocated over four years as part of 2013-14)

  • $8m for regional ear health

ON TRACK ($6m over four years in the 2013-14 Budget)



Training Package

  • A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will develop a new strategic direction for Vocational Education and Training (VET) in schools to better equip students and improve the quality of training and apprenticeships on offer

FULFILLED (reforms announced 9 April 2014)


Centennial Park

  • $8.75m for Albany’s Centennial Park development

PENDING (awaiting Budget allocation)


Government Accommodation

  • A re-elected Liberal Government would move more than 500 State Government employees to a new building in the heart of Joondalup

PENDING (business cases being prepared)