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Bali booze ban could be the next blow to decimate the island

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Bali’s booze ban is back on the political agenda.

Indonesia’s parliament is again talking about a 2015 Bill which called for the Prohibition of Alcoholic Drinks. Political parties from the conservative Islamist faction are pushing for a national ban on alcohol production, sales, storage and consumption.

If enacted it would mean people even drinking a beer could end up in jail or with a significant fine. There are fears it will cripple a tourism industry already in dire straits from COVID-19.

President of the Indonesia Institute Ross Taylor told Oliver Peterson this is the “worst possible time in history” for the National Parliament of Indonesia to be considering this.

“What we’re seeing here is the lunatic right wing fringe,” said Mr Taylor

“Three or four members are hell bent on the principle of Indonesia being the world’s largest Muslim country.”

Mr Taylor adds the religion in Bali is predominantly Hindu.

“Having a glass of wine or a Bintang is quite acceptable.

“So you can imagine the reaction coming out of the Governors office in Bali where he’s trying to deal with the devastation caused by COVID-19 and now he’s trying to deal with this.”

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