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Aussies forced onto the dole need more money

The Federal Government is being urged by a number of groups to increase the dole by $75 per week, saying some Australians are using their Super and savings just to survive.

173,196 people over the age of 55 are on Newstart, meaning they try to survive on $489.70 per fortnight.

“This is a very difficult situation for them and the average time that group you’re talking about spends on Newstart is four years.

“The image of the person out of work is not the real image that’s here in Australia, there are so many Australian’s who’ve lost their jobs and often been pushed out from age discrimination,” Ian Henschke from Seniors Australia told 6PR Breakfast.

“People are chewing up their Superannuation and their savings,” Mr Henschke added.

Steve and Baz asked the 6PR Breakfast listeners what they thought about an increase to the dole.

A former nurse, Kerry, called to say she was forced to go onto Newstart three years ago when she was diagnosed with health conditions and indicated, the money is just not enough.

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