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$1000 Minute

6PR’s $1000 Minute, weekdays at 7.25am, thanks to Hearth House Air Conditioning – they know what’s cool!  Visit

Your chance to win cash every weekday morning.

1.   How many correct answers within 60 seconds are needed? 10
2.   Is there cash for each correct Question?  Yes
3.   What time is it played?   7:25 weekdays with Steve & Basil
4.   How much is on the line?   $1,000 Cash every morning
5.   What if you need more time to answer?  Say "Pass"
6.   What do I get paid for each correct answer?  $10 
7.   When does the timer start?  After the first question is given
8.   How much $ have we already given away? Over $20,000
9.   What if I give an answer after the timer is out?  It is not counted 
10. If wrong what happens? We go back to that question if time

Ten Questions?. 60 Seconds?..$1,000 cash ?

The $1,000 Minute – Weekdays at 7:25, thanks to Hearth House Air Conditioning on 882 6PR

$1,000 Minute Terms & Conditions