Knights and Dames

Knights and Dames

Bringing back Knights and Dames

Tony Abbott has today announced the return of Knights and Dames. Paul Murray spoke with Martin Drum, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Notre Dame University, about the political implications of the Prime Minister's announcement.

Severe anxiety linked to epilepsy

Anxiety and depression linked to epilepsy New research has revealed almost one-in-two Australians living with epilepsy are three-times more likely to feel abnormally high levels of anxiety compared to the general population. Paul Murray spoke with Rebecca, mother of an epileptic child.

Bringing back Knights and Dames

Knights and Dames Tony Abbott has today announced the return of Knights and Dames. Paul Murray spoke with Martin Drum, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Notre Dame University, about the political implications of the Prime Minister's announcement.


The search for MH370 The Malaysian government last night announced flight MH370 crashed in the southern Indian Ocean with all crew and passangers assumed dead. Paul Murray spoke with Australian commercial pilot and aviation security expert Desmond Ross.

Dangerous Sex Offenders Act review

Calls for changes to the law to stop repeat violent sex offenders being released Peter Katsambanis is calling for changes to the law to stop violent repeat sex offenders from being released into the community after a serial WA sex offender breached his orders days after being released from jail. Paul Murray spoke with the WA Liberal MLC.

Derryn Hinch on TJD

TJD case A WA sex offender released from jail by a Supreme Court order last week is alleged to have breached one of his conditions. Paul Murray spoke with Derryn Hinch about TJD's release and its similarities to a case involving another sex offender.

Fake pub research

A fake pub built for research A university in London has created a fake pub where customers are guinea pigs and bar staff are psychology students researching the effects of alcohol on behavior. Paul Murray spoke with Curtin University's Dr David Keatley.

Anti-bullying legislation not working

Is the new legislation working? According to experts, targets of workplace bullying are not using the newly-introducted anti-bullying legislation. Paul Murray spoke with Clinical Pyschologist Sophie Henshaw about this issue.

Pharmacy: Buy the pill elsewhere

Pharmacist turning customers away A Sydney pharmacist says he stands by his decision to not sell contraception at his Thurgoona pharmacy. Paul Murray spoke with Simon Horsfall who has consequently had his pharmacy dropped by franchise company Soul Pattinson.

Homes unsuitable for nannies

Nannies and kids don't mix with homes The Australian Childcare Alliance says homes are not a suitable place for nannies to look after their kids. Paul Murray spoke with Perth mother Amanda Teo, founder of the Perth Nanny Network, who strongly disagrees with the Alliance.

Bring Asian nannies to Aus

Asian nannies should be granted Australian visas The Indonesia Institute's Ross Taylor has made a submission to the Productivity Commision requesting that Asian au pairs be granted a visa to come work in Australia. Paul Murray spoke with Ross Taylor about this issue on the Drive program.

Smacked kids are happier kids

Tony Abbott says he smacked his children. Tony Abbott said this morning that a gentle smack can be good for a child, admitting he himself has smacked his children. Psychologist Leith Henry spoke to Paul Murray about smacking children, saying kids who are smacked are happier and achieve more.

Groves murderer paroled

Vicky Groves The individual convicted of the murder of Churchlands schoolgirl Vicky Groves in 1992 has been released from prison following a review of his status by the Prisoner Review Board. Paul Murray spoke to the Attorney General Michael Mischin about the decision.

Catch-and-kill "unnaceptable"

WA's new shark control program WA's new shark control program is loosely based on one in Queensland which has killed over 630 sharks this year. Paul Murray spoke with Alexia Wellbelove, from Humane Society International who says the program is unacceptable.

Cuts impact disabled students

Education cuts A specialist school which caters for students with disabilities has told parents that due to education service cuts, parents will need to pay for their child's extra care on excursions. Paul Murray spoke with Kylie Catto, President of the WA Council of State School Organisations.

Leavers celebrate stupidity

Some of the dangerous and questionable behaviour found on a facebook page dedicated top this years school leavers. Warning! Some of these images may offend. A facebook page showing WA teenagers who are drunk, covered in vomit and taking part in questionable physical and sexual behaviour has been created for this years school leavers to join.

Gonski. WA funding disappears

Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, has walked away from a $600 million promise to WA. The pre-election promise made by the Coalition to honor Labor's commitment of $600 million in funding for WA schools appears to have been broken. Paul Murray spoke to state opposition education spokesperson, Sue Ellery, about the funding backflip.

Roo move is dangerous

Byford residents say development of 'Kangaroo Paddock' will end in a serious traffic accident. Find out why here. Byford residents are concerned that a lack of planning for the removal of a large mob of kangaroos in preparation for a housing development will cause an accident on the nearby South West highway. Paul Murray spoke to Byford local Dave Crispin's concerns.

Suburbia feeling congestion pain

The cost of traffic congestion is being felt more by Families in the the outer suburbs. Perth's worsening traffic congestion is starting to have a measurable financial impact on families living in the outer suburbs according top a new report just released. Paul Murray spoke to Marion Faulkner CEO of the Committee for Perth about the report.

Everyone is apologising for sledging

Australian Cricket Captain Michael Clarke during his exchange with England's James Anderson. The aftermath of the sledging incident between Australia's Michael Clarke and England's James Anderson has resulted in apologies, fines and a player leaving the tour on stress leave. Paul Murray spoke to Fairfax Radio cricket commentator Tim Lane.

Ownership won't be easier

Gun ownership is under the spotlight with laws set to be refined to remove anomalies. The Police Minister is angry at reports saying she is looking at making gun ownership easier in WA. Liza Harvey told Paul Murray she wants to remove anomalies that have created loopholes for ownership and tighten ownership laws.

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De Bortoli Wines Pub of the Year

De Bortoli Wines Perth pub of the year is back for 2014. Each Thursday 6PR’s Karl Langdon joins Paul Murray in the Drive program, and continues the search for “Perth’s Best Pub”. In November, the 6PR & De Bortoli Wines “Perth Best Pub of the Year” will be crowned. Click image to listen to the pubs reviewed so far.

Dr Joe Kosterich

Dr Joe Kosterich joins the Morning program every Tuesday at 10am. Dr Joe Kosterich joins Paul Murray on the Drive program every second Tuesday in studio to cover the issues and trends that are important to Australia's health.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi

City of Perth Do you have a question about where the City of Perth is heading or maybe a suggestion for where it can be improved? Once a month Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi joins Paul Murray on the Drive program to discuss everything that affects the City of Perth.

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