Build a better garden with 6PR's Sue McDougall.

Build a better garden with 6PR's Sue McDougall.

Sue's Gardening Home

Sue McDougall has become a gardening goddess for all of us weekend weeding warriors. Sue has amassed such a vast amount of knowledge it can no longer be contained to just a weekend segment. Click here to contact Sue with a question or problem or scan the 'Gardening Home' page for the latest advice and seasonal suggestions.

The guru of grass, Nick Bell

Lawn expert Nick Bell joined Sue McDougall to talk  turf and lawn care. Nick Bell is one of the indisputable experts on lawn and he joined Sue McDougall and Harvey Deegan on the Saturday Gardening program to share some of expertise. Click here to listen to the interview and answers to listener questions.

Alyogyne Melissa Anne

Plant of the Week, Alyogyne Melissa Anne Alyogyne Melissa Anne: This fast growing Australian shrub is in full colour over the hottest months of the year, one of the main reasons why it is so popular.

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo-Paw These 2 varieties of Kangaroo Paws are a favourite with gardeners and birds throughout summer and in fact look their best at this time of the year. Big Red and Yellow Gem are tall growing and the flower stems easily reach heights of up to 1.2m.

March's 'to do' list

Sues list of essential jobs that will help your garden thrive. A hot start to the month has reminded us that even though it’s officially Autumn we can still experience very hot weather. Here are March's 'to do' list.

Sue's latest segment

Build a better garden with advice from 6PR's Sue McDougall. Sue McDougall appears regularly on 6PR and you can hear the latest and most recent segments from Sue by clicking here.