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You Can Also Contact 6PR By

  • Address
    Level 1/169 Hay Street
    East Perth WA 6004

    General: (08) 9220 1400
    Talkback Number: (08) 9221 1882
    SMS Feedback: 19 999 677 or 19 999 6PR (call costs 55c/ 160 characters. You'll be charged the advertised per-message price each time your message exceeds 160 character) SMS Helpline number 1800 444 407.

    News: (08) 9325 4553

    Commercial Director: Barrie Quick      barrie.quick@macquariemedia.com.au 
    Promotions Director: Gary Rendall     gary.rendall@macquariemedia.com.au 
    News Director: Lisa Barnes                  lisa.barnes@macquariemedia.com.au 


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