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Steve Gordon: Profile


Steve received his first radio job in 1978 at 6KG in Kalgoorlie, doing the Morning Women's program and then Breakfast. He then spent a year at 6PR and a year as music director at Easy Rollin' 6IX.

Steve returned to 6PR for four years and much of his time was spent on air with Bob Maumill. At the end of 1984 Steve went to 96fm and hailed in the evening shift for six years, including a time on the much loved Aussie Rules program.

Steve has worked part time at 6PR since 1991and has presented the weekend night time programs since 2000.

What was your first job?
An insurance clerk in sixties Melbourne. Memories: a lot of very funny blokes, learning to drink and an abundance of miniskirts (there were two typing pools).

What is your favourite on air moment thus far?
Those six hour Saturday arvos on 6PR in the eighties: eight race meetings, ten football matches. To get through that without a disaster (like missing a race) was like winning a Grand Final.

What is your most embarrassing on air moment?
Bob Maumill had a hand in most of them, although there was a more recent occasion involving Rex Hunt's surname.

If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?
An Aboriginal elder from the South West forest country, from before the Europeans arrived.

Email: flash@6pr.com.au
Talkback: 08 9221 1882
SMS: 19 999 677

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