A Perth Subway store showed lack of care for a customer who fainted.

A Perth Subway store showed lack of care for a customer who fainted.

Subpar care at Subway

A couple who attempted to help a man who had collapsed in a Subway store in Perth were told by the owner to drag the unconscious man outside. Michael was disgusted at the lack of care as fellow customers ignored the man.

From the other side

a Steve and Basil received the most remarkable call this morning when a listener revealed on air that he supplies illicit drug labs with pseudoephedrine. 'Bob' said he spends his days buying cold and flu tablets from pharmacies and reselling them to drug producers.

Bakers worried over cheap bread

a 85 cent loaves of bread from Woolworths have bakers worried. The Bakers Association of Australia aren't happy with the supermarket giant's cost cut believing it will impact on the country's independent bakeries.

Priddis the pride of WA

a West Coast Eagles midfielder Matt Priddis joined an elite club overnight, winning the 2014 Brownlow Medal. The Subiaco product spoke to Steve and Basil about being crowned the AFL's best player.

Subpar care at Subway

a A couple who attempted to help a man who had collapsed in a Subway store in Perth were told by the owner to drag the unconscious man outside. Michael was disgusted at the lack of care as fellow customers ignored the man.

Twiggy's bold idea

a Mining magnate Andrew 'Twiggy 'Forrest has revealed his proposed new welfare system that he said will help eradicate drug and alcohol abuse in Australia. The Idea came from a review of indigenous employment that Mr Forrest conducted for the Abbott Government.

WA Toursim invests in China

New ad campaign to boost WA tourism The state Government has signed a $2.4 million deal with China Southern Airlines in a bid to bring 100,000 Chinese tourists to WA by 2020. Tourism Minister Liza Harvey spoke to Steve and Baz about the deal.

ATM fee rip off

ATM ATM fees already cause unnecessary headaches but some companies are charging over $5 to get cash out. Are banks charging us too much to use their ATMs and do they have a right to charge us at all?

Grand Final Winners

a Check out the priceless reactions of some of our 2014 AFL Grand Final winners thanks to 7's Today Tonight and Toyota.

Storm Tragedy

Kyle Scolari and Conor Murphy died during yesterday's storm. Two young men are being remembered by family and friends as 'full of life' and 'jokers' after they tragically died during yesterday's storm. Steve and Basil spoke to Hayden Stevens, a friend of the men who lived with muscular dystrophy.

Mum's disgust at S**t van

Wicked Vans are in hot water over this van's slogan. They're colourful and occasionally funny but have Wicked Camper Vans overstepped the mark with their edgy slogans? A Sydney mother spoke to Steve and Basil about one particularly offensive painted van.

Slow business for Barrack Square

Bell Tower turns 10 Ongoing works at Elizabeth Quay has seen a downturn in traffic for businesses in Barrack Square. Basil and Steve spoke to a Barrack Square business owner about the impact it's having on his business.

Stress is Contagious

stress Feeling stressed but don't know why? Maybe a friend or family member has passed their stress onto you. Psychologists from St Louis University have found that stress is contagious, Kent and Rob spoke to Tony Buchanan about the findings.

Standing to Learn

Education Minister announces school attendance initiative Schoolkids could soon be standing up at their desks after research found that it's better for their health compared to sitting. Professor Leon Straker spoke to Kent and Rob on Breakfast about the health benefits that include weight loss.

That's no umpire...that's Millsy

Who was that man? Steve Mills made an unscheduled debut as a goal umpire on the weekend. Steve Mills has proven that if you are in need he is the man to call. Stepping in as a goal umpire for the Hale v Aquinas football match.

Too Many Silly Rules?

To camp or not to camp? Some rules are just don't make sense. Are there too many stupid rules that aren't needed? Do we live in a nanny state? Steve and Basil chatted to Tracey Brown the co-author of a new book 'In the Interest of Safety' which looks into society's bizarre rules. What's the most bewildering rule you've come across?

Beggars bagging $400 a day

Aggressive beggars in the city The Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi has told the Breakfast program that the number of beggars in the city is growing and she has heard some 'professional' beggars earning up to $400 a day. Steve and Baz spoke to Ms Scaffidi about the issue and what can be done to help those in need.

Zempilas dismissed at 6PR

Gone! Basil Zempilas has been dismissed at 6PR by a member of management. 6PR Breakfast co-host Basil Zempilas has been controversially dismissed by acting program manager Gary Rendell. The whole event was caught on video this morning during the eight o'clock news during an inpromtu game of office cricket.

Cox closes in on record

Dean Cox will draw equal with former team mate Glen Jackovich's game record on Saturday. Barring an unforseen injury West Coast ruckman Dean Cox will equal the Eagles games record of 276, held by inaugural premiership player Glen Jackovich. Steve and Basil spoke to both of the Eagles legends about the passing of the torch.

Only one job needs to go

Is current QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce the problem with our national carrier? Have your say here. The national secretary of the Aircraft Engineers Association says QANTAS only needs to get rid of one job to return the national carrier back in to black. Steve Mills and Basil Zempilais spoke to Steve Purvinas who has his fingers crossed that current QANTAS CEO Allan Joyce will resign.

Green: He's like a 'jilted' wife.

WA's Danny Green has called his former trainer Jeff Fenech a 'jilted ex-wife' who just needs to get over him. Former triple World Champion boxer Danny Green has likened his relationship with former trainer, and fellow Australian boxing great, Jeff Fenech as a broken marriage and labelled Fenech a 'jilted wife' who needs to move on. Find out why here.

Wolf howls foul at 9's Liz

Jordan Belfort has walked out on an interview but not away from his criticism of CH9's Liz Hayes. Jordan Belfort, the self proclaimed Wolf of Wall Street, is howling mad following an interview with Channel 9's, 60 Minutes host, Liz Hayes. Steve and Baz spoke to Belfort about the interview and exactly what it was that caused him to march off set.

Newton Greased and ready

Bert Newton in his role as Vince Fontaine in the stage musical Grease. Grease may be the word but Newton is the name that everyone is talking about as one of the masters of Australian entertainment heads to Perth for the live performance of the musical hit. Steve and Baz spoke to Bert about the role of Vince Fontaine.

I really do see dead people

Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense. An English woman says she has the same abilities as his character. She may not be the doe-eyed nine year old, Cole Sear, from the movie Sixth Sense but Pam MacKay does claim that she can see and speak to dead people. Steve and Basil spoke to Pam about her ability and some of the people she has helped.

Branson weighs in

Sir Richard Branson. Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas hooked a big name with Sir Richard Branson weighing into the State Government’s shark mitigation policy. Branson says it is sad a country like Australia is setting a bad example to the rest of the world.

Market raids will hit prices

Police and raids have lifted the lid on WA's market gardening underbelly. Image: WA Police. The weekend raid by police on a large market garden targeting organised crime activities could have the same effect on local fruit and veg prices as a flood or cyclone. Steve and Basil spoke to John Cummings from Independent Grocers Association.

Watts an Ellington surprise

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watt performing for the crowd at Ellington Jazz Club. Image Jess Herbert. Video:Music lovers at Ellington Jazz club were treated to an unscheduled performance from Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts last night. Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas spoke to Jess Herbert from Ellington's about the performance.

Helen (not so) Reddy

Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas spoke to, a somewhat grumpy, Helen Reddy about her Australian tour. There has been a lot written about Helen Reddy in the past but one thing we did learn about the voice behind 70's mega hits 'I am Woman' is that she really isn't a morning person. Steve and Basil spoke to Ms. Reddy at the ungodly time of 9.20am est.

Parents helping kids into homes

Parents give kids a helping hand More parents are using their savings to help their children break into the real estate market. The trend comes as median house prices in Perth surge past $545 000. Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas spoke with Bluebay Home Loans Managing Director Don Crellin about parent loans.

'Don't retouch school photos'

Should school photos be electronically retouched? One Victorian mum says no. What do you think? Image: Chalize Theron A Victorian mum says she is shocked by an option to pay an extra $22 to retouch her teenage daughters’ annual school photos. Steve and Baz spoke to Essendon mother of three Mira Smoljko about her outrage.

Perth's own Dr Dolittle

Claire M Stade explains how she is able to talk with animals. Listen for yourself here. Meet Perth's very own, and first, animal whisperer. Claire M Stade is set to become the first person in Western Australia to become a qualified animal whisperer. Clare joined Steve Mills in the studio to explain how she is able to talk to the animals.

A real 'Child of Courage'

Pride of Australia Back in 2011, as a 12 year old, Elliott Jackson acted selflessly to rescue his father Stuart after a surfing accident. Two years later Elliott has been recognised for his heroism with the WA Pride of Australia 'Child of Courage' award.

Jobs gone but points safe

5000 jobs will be cut from QANTAS but the frequent flyer program is safe according to experts. Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas says the cuts QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce announced today should have been done 10 years ago. Talking to Steve and Baz on the Breakfast show Geoffrey said the frequent flyer program was safe, quashing rumours circulating the rewards program was to be scrapped.

Shy heroes deserve award

Two men risked their own lives to save a mother and son in rough seas off Denmark, WA. A mother and son owe their lives to two you boys who negotiated rough seas and a powerful rip at Lights beach in Denmark to rescue them. John East witnessed the rescue and told Steve Mills that the two teenagers deserve an award for rescuing the pair and their dog.

Go fish! It's good for you

The benefits of fishing as a past time go well beyond just a free feed. If you thought fishing was only good for a couple of hours of peace and quiet and the odd free feed of fish, think again. New research shows that fishing is one of the healthiest past times you can participate in. Learn more here with Steve Mills.

Flight attendants fear insecticide

Flight attendants claim chemicals sprayed on long-haul flights may contribute to Parkinson's disease. Flight attendants on long-haul flights fear the chemicals they spray throughout cabins may lead to them developing Parkinson's disease. Steve Mills spoke to lawyer Tanya Segalov who is representing one flight attendant in a compensation claim against QANTAS.

China Town's $2 mill facelift

Perth's China Town is getting a $2 million injection but is it enough? Have your say here. Is two million dollars enough money to reinvent Perth's China Town in to an exciting tourism precinct or is it like putting lipstick on a pig? Steve Mills spoke to Michael Keileer from the Northbridge Improvement Group about how (and if) the area can be transformed.

Lessons learnt: Dawn Fraser

Dawn Fraser's new book There is, and only ever will be, one Dawn Fraser. Dawn has penned a new book which is a collection of life's lessons as only she could have learned them through her colorful and sometimes dark life. Steve Mills spoke to dawn on the Breakfast show.

6PR's five pillars of football

Five Pillars 6PR has assembled five of football's sharpest minds to deliver comprehensive analysis and inside knowledge of the game we love. Each day at around 7.50 you'll hear Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas pick some of the best brains in the business.

Entertainment with Peter Ford

Peter Ford Say the name Peter Ford and the first thing that springs to mind is the world of Showbiz. Peter's coverage and knowledge of the Australian entertainment landscape is second to none. Peter can be heard every day at 8.20 on the Breakfast show Steve Mills and Basil Zempalis.

Michael Barlow on Breakfast

Michael Barlow back to his first Fremantle star mid-fielder Michael Barlow is back for season 2014 and will join Steve Mills every Thursday at 7.55. Michael will give you insight in to how the Dockers are travelling throughout this years season.

Talking law with Tom Percy QC

Tom Percy In his regular Breakfast slot, 6PR's resident legal eagle Tom Percy has given an insiders perspective of the Llyod Rayney murder trial. Tom also told Steve MIlls he believes his long time nemesis, Christian Porter, will one day become Prime Minister.